Staff Directory

The University Budget Office staff:

University Budget Office
Associate Vice President for
Budget and Planning
Samuel B. Adams Bryan Hall 114 812-855-9130
Special Assistant to AVP T Michael Ford Bryan Hall 010 812-855-8678
Administrative Coordinator Laura Wong Hudson Bryan Hall 114 812-855-9690

Fiscal Reporting and Budget Administration
Associate University Director Alicia Robertson Bryan Hall 015 812-855-2293
Associate Director - Financial Analysis & Planning Brian Moellers Bryan Hall 015 812-855-6818
Sr. Budget Analyst Dan Nichols Bryan Hall 015-A 812-856-4609
Sr. Budget Analyst Greg Alter Bryan Hall 015 812-855-0076
Financial Analyst Theo Wu Bryan Hall 015 812-855-9438
Payroll Manager Melissa Johnson Bryan Hall 114 812-856-7689
Business Process Specialist Margaret Gross Bryan Hall 114 812-855-5994
Business Process Specialist Carol Ball Bryan Hall 115 812-856-2426
Business Center Specialist Vicky Myers Bryan Hall 021 812-856-2769
Business Analyst Lance King Bryan Hall 010 812-855-9014

Computing Systems & Data Analysis
Database Manager Gary Palmer Bryan Hall 021 812-855-2281
Budget Systems Manager John Burgoon Bryan Hall 021 812-855-0413
Data Analytics and Reporting Manager Nathan Schroder Bryan Hall 021 812-855-1253